Sunday, February 27, 2005

lion dance

lion dance
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We were window shopping that time when we had this chance of watching a liondance performance. A large drum, cymbals and a gong makes up the instruments needed to flood the mall with loud rhythmic tunes, which sometimes makes me shout when I'm talking.

Dragon Dance or Lion Dance? "Ano nga ba talaga?" The traditional Chinese Liondance is usually part of festivities and it is believed to bring happiness and luck, if well-performed. The lion is a holy animal and should be seen as a spirit that has its own place in Chinese Mythology.

Accompanied features are fireworks (usually crackers) and sometimes also the Dragon. The difference between the lion and the dragon is very simple to spot, but as many people, including myself, refer to the lion as "dragon", I'll explain the difference:

The dragon is held by a whole bunch of performers, who are outside of it. They walk in specific patterns, to make the dragon fly.

The lion on the other hand, has a crew of two, who are inside of it. Another difference that follows from the former one, is that the liondance performers can move the head in a different way, including the eyes, mouth and ears.

"Kain tayo ng Siopao!" Ha-ha-ha!!! That was Gerry's plan on our next trip downtown. "Dahil ang balita namin madame daw tsiks dun sa chinese restoran na yun." And who knows, we might get some new Feng Shui ideas.

Happy Chinese New Year!!!


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