Saturday, April 02, 2005

april fool's day

The origin of April Fool's Day remains clouded in obscurity. Basically no one knows exactly where, when, or why the celebration began. What we do know is that references to 'All Fool's Day' (what April Fool's Day was first called) began to appear in Europe..., maybe. But what is clear is that the tradition of a day devoted to foolery had ancient roots.

Speaking of foolery, i think i've been a victim. Yesterday i have been posting new articles for kape ng ina 'nyo but only to upset myself. 'Coz it does not appear at all on this very page. So i have been trying to figure out what went wrong the whle day. And yes it was very frustrating that i gave up.

But now we're back in business.

Kape ng Ina 'Nyo is here to stay.

Cheer :)


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