Thursday, June 16, 2005

ahoy... there!!!

We are back...!

Sorry guys, it was almost two weeks I think when I posted something here at "kape". Medyo busy sa work and the worst thing that happened acctualy was my PC went crazy, it crashed for the first time. I cant go on-line kaya nawala tuloy tayo sa kalawakan ng medyo matagal. Pero it's always good to know that you my dear friends never forgets to drop by and leave some notes on my message box.

Maybe next time we can chat in my very own chat room, ASTIG diba? Kaya lang we have to be on-line at the same time, anyway that, we will arrange one time, wokey!

Pareng Ferds... ang laki na ni Rica ano? At syempre very healthy pa din. Biniro ko nga one time, I told her to go on a diet a real diet where in she has to control eating foods na malakas makataba, and she said "daddy naman di naman ako mataba, healthy lang talaga ako". Pero OK lang muna ngayon she's still a baby anyway.

Pareng Emil... saan na yung mga pogi pictures mo? We are all waitng for that para mai-publish naten dito sa "kape", sayang din yun (he-he-he).

Boni...!!! si Gerry busy sa mga halaman 'nya gusto yatang magtanim na lang ng orchids, pero my suggestion for him, was to plant some green leafy vegetables para meron kami ulam palagi diba? How's the band? Dame na bang gigs? Dont worry kung medyo mabagal ngayon, sure naman na madame pa kayong makukuhang gimik jan, sayang na lang yung galing 'nyong lahat!!! Naks! Lakas 'nyo sa aken ano?

Pareng Rommy and Pareng Arnel... Teresa is back at Damsite waiting for your return. Medyo malungkot na dito since you guys left. Wala ng "Tong-its" madness. Hindi 'nyo kasi ako tinuruaan (he-he-he). Anyway, I think she will e-mail you guys for some details reagarding your return here. see you soon!!!


Just drop-by here at "kape" mga 'tol so that we can keep each other updated with infos.



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