Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Inuman na!!!


Wine is a good servant but a terrible master”, mayabang na nakasulat sa poster doon sa isang bar na napuntahan namin ng barkada minsan. Masaya kapag ang buong barkada ay nasa isang mesa at nag-iinuman pero if you are hosting the inuman you have to control the situation, dahil mahirap mag hatid ng lasheng.

In moderation at the right time, with the right people, drinking is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Para sa akin Drinking is a Ritual… Drinking brings with it the clinking of glasses and the special words of friendship in different languages all over the world: Cheers, Salud, Sköl, Kampai, pare Tagay pa!!!

In my home town, inuman has to do with friendship, good times, warm and tender moments, piyestahan, kasalan, panalo sa basketball, birth and death, remembering a friend…the very last thing that life is all about. At syempre inuman whether at home, in a classy bar or just across the street at your suking tindahan will come up short without “pulutan”.

The choice of pulutan is unlimited. Isang platitong mani, spicy dilis at chicharon are crunchies that are ordinary. Kalderetang kambing and relyenong bangus are specials, mahirap daw kase gawin. Inihaw na pusit, barbequed adidas at iba pang mga laman-loob are popular. Tokwa’t baboy, balut, fish balls and tapa are alternatives. Sisig, calamares and lechon are for special occasions. Yung mga tira-tira nating ulam kagabi are make-do choices. Pero kung walang leftovers, everyone settles down for “inihaw na usa”, o mainit na usapan. ha-ha-ha!

Right now, where I work this so called fellowship of the bottles is essential. For me and my friends it is one way of releasing tension and all the negative energy inside our mind and body. Pang-alis ng pagod. Over a bottle of vodka, roasted peanuts and a thousand and one stories our problems are somewhat resolved.

Oh… and by the way, it works!

Ayan! Meron ng isdang lumalangoy sa baso mo. Inom na at marami pang naghihintay ng tagay.

Cheers :)


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