Saturday, October 15, 2005


comment ko sa post ni kabayang patrice sa pinoy atbp
Thumbtacks, rubber bands, fingernails, band-aid, bottle caps, rubber boots… etcetera. Ok, the boots maybe too much, what I am trying say is I have witnessed all these concealed condiments emerged out of an innocent looking “Pasta Puttanesca”. I have been a waiter for a long time and I can assure you those stories are real but then again, some are not.

Contrary to popular belief, a Waiter not the Cook is the “king of the kitchen”. He/she is the last person to touch the plate on which the food that you ordered is beautifully presented (yes that makes him king). But before that plate is even handed to the waiter the very watchful eyes of the Chef is on it, maybe gives a big wipe on sides of the plate before the Food and Beverage Supervisor (that’s where I comes in) can scrutinize the presentation, if everything looks fine then its good to go. At least I can say that is how the fine dining restaurant SOP is. (We have the very strict HACCP rules to abide by)

Like what KADYO, IRENE and DOPS said, tao din kaming mga waiter. “We are Ladies and Gentlemen serving Ladies and Gentlemen”. I remember one time my friends and I went to an upscale restaurant for dinner. And fell victim to the "They Can't Possibly be Worth My Time, They Don't Look Important Enough" judgment. We were ignored. I do feel bad. The next day I wrote a letter to the manager basically telling them how much that waiter sucked and that he should think about another line of employment, a pinoy politician perhaps.

Para kay JAYRED, DARKBLAK at NENG - when I was in college I had the chance to work at McDo, of course without telling them that I was also a part of the Jolibee Crew a week before I got hired. Sanitation is in their priority list kaya’t kita-kits na lang tayo sa McDo.

ISABELA – Kung makulit na paying customers madalilang i-handle yan. How about those who are arrogant and conceited assholes? Iyan ang mga delikado sa akin.

In the place where I work there was always a benefit dinner for almost all kinds of causes. One is for the less fortunate children and the money raised went to the disabled children’s fund. The meal was $500 a head and we had about 220 guests who show up and a check was given to DANA for $100,000. The staff worked for free including the Chefs. A four course meal was prepared. Anyway, this one guy that owns a construction company gets up to talk and starts with "First Id like to thank the staff and waiters for tonight. Evidently they aren't as wealthy as all of us, so its a big deal for them to donate a nights salary for this cause"…kamuntik na akong mahulog sa upuan ko, what the f*#* did he just say?? wow, talaga naman… rich high and mighty.

Spiked beer at Sparkling warm tea??? Kapag ikwento ko ang istoryang ito ay baka tuluyang hindi na kayo kumain sa mga restoran o mag-inom sa mga bar. Ang mabuti pa ay panoodin na lang natin ang ini-endorse na movie ni kabayang Patrice ang "Waiting" siguradong kwela iyon.

Waiters are trained to talk to us paying customers; they are trained to handle complaints even if we are not aware of the etiquette of service and being served. So I strongly suggest for you guys to continue patronizing your favorite restaurant. Now if the Prime Ribs that you ordered comes out of the kitchen with a size 9 shoe on top disguised as a decorative garnish, call the manager, call the owner or better yet call the police.
Ibang usapan na yan.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

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October 15, 2005 4:28 PM  
Blogger duke said...

just as you have difficult costumers, i also have difficult patients. and if you can give them pasta with rubber boots, i wish i could give my irate patients errrr...*wink wink*. oh how i wish. but i don't.

activate word verification sa settings ng blog mo to prevent spammers.

October 16, 2005 7:06 AM  
Blogger atoy said...

"Revenge is the best dish served cold." Kill Bill 1.
Kaya nga di ko ginagalit mga waiter pati cook kung kilala ko. ano kaya ang lasa ng hambugger o lawayan punch sarap siguro kasi may personal signature at compliment ng inaway mong waiter o sinumang crew ng resto.

October 17, 2005 6:26 AM  
Blogger racky said...

hallo bro, barkada ko nag-work din sa McDo, meron ding siyang mga naikuwento na off-records.
iyong comment ko ay tungkol doon sa napanood ko na gawa ng mga puti. i think na hindi ganoon kagrabe sa atin.
ang di maganda they did/doing it just for fun! hindi dahil arogante ang costumer, kaya kadiri.
Kahit naman sa bakery, paggawa ng bagoong, etc. may mga di-kanais-nais na mga nangyayari pero sabi nga kung hindi mo nakita, oks lang naluluto naman ang mga "alliens" and kailangan din naman ng body natin ang mga ito! prost!!!

October 17, 2005 11:22 AM  
Blogger goryo4u said...

@ doc duke:
madalas kame "red alert" ngayon sa aming mga members dahil ramadhan month. extra sensitive & more diffucult to please sila ngayon. tulad mo din doc we have to make sure that everyone is feeling well and satisfied when they leave. ang pagkakaiba siguro; you can give them medicine to treat diarrhea ako naman i can guarantee perpetual diarrhea for those who are really asking for it.

joke-joke lang po iyon ha!

salamat ulit sa tip doc. cheers!

October 17, 2005 11:28 PM  
Blogger goryo4u said...

@ atoy:
alam mo ser, mangyayari siguro yan kung sa isang 'greasy spoon' restaurant tayo mag-dare na kumain. kailangan handa tayo sa matatangap natin sa ibabaw ng mesa. kung madumi ang uniform at kuko ng mga waiters dito, dont expect clean plates.

now an upscale resto will cost us a little more pero you get value for your money. revenge maybe the last thing in their mind. alam nila na sa paying guest galing ang kikitain nila at meron pa TIP kung gagalingan nila service. madalas on your second visit they will greet you by your name, alam na din nila ang fave drink mo at you can keep the secret na iba yung kasama mong tsiks noong una. diba? diba?


@ donya neneng:
madalas ko nga madinig ang 'legend' na iyan pero talagang "adik" na siguro ako sa McDo.

alam mo sis, masarap maging adventurous sa pagkain. pero kailangan i-prep natin ang isipan natin sa ating malalasahan.

kaya kung ako siguro ang makakakita ng foul na gawa ng mga ito ay malamang magamit ko na ang natutunan ko sa boxing... ang "flying kick".

sa mukha.

October 18, 2005 7:12 PM  
Anonymous pao said...

this is one interesting post. may utang pa ako sa iyo pero pramis gagawin ko yan. kakabayad ko lang kasi ng utang na post dun sa isang blogsite ko. tc! :)

October 29, 2005 9:37 PM  

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